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The Handbook of Logistics and Distribution Management: Understanding the Supply Chain

The Handbook of Logistics and Distribution Management provides an introduction to fundamental elements of modern logistics and distribution. It explores all stages of the supply chain from raw materials through to the final distribution of the finished product. This handbook covers vital areas, including: concepts of logistics and distribution; planning for logistics; procurement and inventory decisions; warehousing and storage; freight transport; and operational management.

The 5th edition of The Handbook of Logistics and Distribution Management has been radically updated to reflect the latest advances in logistics and covers new topics studied on academic and professional courses. There are brand new chapters on humanitarian logistics, multichannel fulfillment and reverse logistics, as well as detailed discussion of the latest trends and issues that confront logistics.

The Handbook of Logistics and Distribution Management is a practical handbook and an essential reference for logistics and supply chain practitioners as well as students undertaking professional examinations and degrees in the field of logistics and supply chain.



Download here: http://www.mediafire.com/view/epyxp5p5kwnb4lb/1381418.pdf

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